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Expat, welcome to Barcelona!

Being an expat in a new city is not always easy and we know all about the time and effort it involves. To overcome these obstacles and manage a calm transition to your new home and make your stay a happy one, it is very useful to have someone who already knows the city and its services to help you, particularly for relocation and concierge services.
At BeingBarcelona we work to ensure your move to Barcelona is enjoyable, fast, flexible and safe. Because our Relocation and Concierge management is agile, responsible, personalised and accurate, in line with our clients’ professional and personal requirements.

We place standard pack at your disposal to make your arrival and installation in Barcelona nice and easy. In these packs, we offer you all kinds of Relocation and Concierge services: from the search for the perfect apartment to help with any administrative procedures or a reliable consultancy for your more intimate requirements. And in order to complete your experience, from our Concierge service we propose how to discover the best of Barcelona: the city’s most cultural and foodie routes, as well as a plethora of activities and mini-breaks.

At BeingBarcelona we have an enormous network of professional contacts to give unbeatable service, whatever you may need. We have the answer to anything you ask us.
Leave it in our hands and enjoy our city, Barcelona. A vibrant, sunny place where you will instantly feel at home. And that is a promise. We will make your new life in Barcelona easier! Contact us!

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