Of course, these are not all of them: there are many more in Barcelona though those below selected have been chosen due to a special vibe. So are there better ones? Sure, But we’ll leave those for another post. Now, let’s enjoy these ones. Bon apetit!

Sant Pau

Carrer Nou, 10, Sant Pol de Mar. 937600662

What can be said about the cuisine from Carme Ruscalleda and Sant Pau restaurant that has not already been said? Located near the sea, in the pretty village of Sant Pol, Maresme. Carme is the woman with the most Michelin stars in the world and proposes an innovative kitchen with proximity raw materials.

With 3 Michelin stars indicates that it is not a restaurant suitable for any pocket. Their tasting menu is priced at 165€ and it offers food suggestions such as pony tartare, lobster on tomato velvet or parrotfish.


Avenida Tibidabo, 1. 93 319 66 00. Closed Sunday and Monday.
Tasting menus from 135€ & 165€ – drinks not included. Wine pairing menu for 85€.

Restaurante AbaC | Being Barcelona

Jordi Cruz, one of the most promising young chefs in Spanish cuisine, offers a stunning cooking with great personality where the best raw material is the Star. With its 2 Michelin stars, it is an essential in Barcelona gastronomy. A kitchen full of skill and sophistication. It is one of those places that lead to the end of “presentation is everything”, not only for its precise design, but by how the dishes are served. We could call it “the pleasure of the senses”. Impeccable staging and a real pleasure.

Koy Shunka

Copons, 7. 93 412 79 39. Closed Monday.
Average price: 110 €.

For some, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain. The best way to enjoy this restaurant, is to sit in their sushi bar, a full magic show by the hand of an always smiling Hideki Matsuhisa.

The ” Big brother” of Shunka is the sophisticated evolution described in Koy Shunka. Their menu, extremely long, so we suggest that you ask for the eight-course tasting menu to get an overview of this Master Class sushi. For following visits, stay to those dishes that enthused you, and repeat!


Mallorca, 259. 93 445 32 42. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Average price: 100 €.


A reference that could not be missed, the creativity of the great Martin Berasategui perfectly executed by Antonio Saez, one of his disciples.

The luxurious embassy of Martin Berasategui in Condes de Barcelona hotel has become a must in the Barcelona and Catalan cuisine, where the customer is treated to the best of their creativity. The tasting menu is a delight of those that everyone should give themselves once in life, or if possible, once a year.


Aribau, 162. 932 175 080. Closed Saturday lunch, Sundays and holidays.
Average Price: 100 €

Restaurante Speakeasy | Being Barcelona
The Speakeasy restaurant is located in the center of the Eixample district of Barcelona, in the Dry Martini storeroom. It involves a whole sensory experience as it seeks to honor the underground premises of the era of prohibition and was a pioneer in the city. Their cuisine focuses on Mediterranean cuisine with unique innovative touch. In the menue, we find a wide variety of dishes that surprise the most discerning palates. Speakeasy creates an atmosphere of mystery and adventure that blends in with its intimate and warm ambiance. A combination of sensations that can’t fail. Visit this unique restaurant and you will definitely not regret it.

Dos cielos

Pere IV, 272. 93 367 20 70. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Average price: 90 €.

Restaurante 2 cielos | Being barcelona

This restaurant offers a wide kitchen very well prepared and with intense flavors, produced by the twin brothers Javier and Sergio Torres, at the top floor of hotel Melia Barcelona Sky. Very original cuisine with flavors from distant countries, with dishes such as Amazonian roots cream with caviar Sago. With a well deserved Michelin star.

Dos palillos

Carrer d’ Elisabets, 9. 933 040 513. Closed Sunday and Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday at noon.
Average price: 80 €

Restaurante 2 palillos | Being Barcelona

Albert Raurich from the prestigious El Bulli, shows that Asian and Spanish tapas can make a perfect pair, and a level of product excellence and creativity that has earned him his first Michelin star. Dos Palillos is a perfect fusion between Bar in the corner and the Asian tavern, a place that has no tables and where, if the waiters do not have time, you are not served the wine. Reflection: part of the Michelin star always rewards the service, and as they have it, the value is for sure in their phenomenal Asian tapas.

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