For several years now, the running in Barcelona has experienced an exponential increase in fans. Barcelona is a particularly graceful city both for its mild climate and for its exceptional quality circuits: from the famous “road of the aigües” to the entire coastline. There are also urban layouts that combine the beauty of the city and the monuments and parks. There are several companies that are dedicated to offering tourist routes happily trotted.

If there is something specially interesting, these are the popular races of Barcelona

Popular Barcelona Racing: “The Zurich Marathon”

42 Km

It is The Marathon of Barcelona and has become the 4th European marathon behind Berlin, London and Paris that lead the ranking. On 2016, 20,000 participants were registred, achieving a historic record.
The race has a large number of foreign runners attracted not only by the challenge but also for our fantastic city. The increase in the percentage of female participation in the test, is also one of the most remarkable data in recent years.

Popular Barcelona Racing: “The half marathon eDreams”

21 Km

Barcelona Half Marathon 2016 had a participation of over 16,000 attendees, representing a new record of entries (15,088 in 2015). The organization of the run provided another set of data: 32% of participants was foreign to what we can get an idea of ​​internationalization. This edition featured 82 elite athletes in both categories, something that very few races in the world can say and athletes from 17 different nationalities. It is one of the fastest half marathons that currently exist.

Popular Barcelona Racing: “Cursa del Corte Inglés”

10 Km

Popularly known as “La Cursa”, is the busiest athletic popular race whose registration is free of charge since 1979, in a circuit of the streets of Barcelona. It is organized by the company El Corte Ingles, with Barcelona City Council support. Participation is usually around 80,000 runners.
It takes place every first Sunday morning of May and is developed in an urban circuit of 10 Km by the central streets of Barcelona. But watch it, it has a crumb circuit, a small halfway colossus called Montjuïc that leaves you dry.
The departure and arrival take place in Plaza Catalunya.
The “Cursa El Corte Ingles” is one of the most popular races worldwide in number of participants. In 1994, when 109,457 athletes participated, it won the Guinness record for being the world’s busiest athletic career until then.

Popular Barcelona Racing: “The midnight trail Barcelona”

15 km

The 5th edition of the Barcelona Midnight Trail will become the only race on the calendar that crosses a church, named Basilica del Tibidabo.
The test, to be held on Friday, September 16, will start and finish near the Tibidabo amusement park and will consist of 15 Km by the Collserola mount, 650 vertical meters.
Another feature is that the race is held at night, as it starts at 10 p.m. and ends at midnight. It is also the highest career few are held in Barcelona as it reaches the highest point of the city, 546 meters from the Basilica del Tibidabo.
The temple stairs and inside the Basilica part of the route of the test, and candles and the sound of the organ accompanying participants. The maximum number of participants will be 1000 runners to ensure the stability of the natural park of Collserola. So guys, if you want to participate, hurry up!

Popular Barcelona Racing: “Cursa dels Bombers”

10 km

After the radical change from the previous edition, with change of date, time and route, the popular 10km race seems determined to recover the essence that stood as one of the most popular races in an athletic calendar.
Promoted in 1999 by Bombers of Barcelona next to Nike, this edition meets most of age emancipating the sponsorship of the multinational and hoping accommodate a maximum of 20,000 runners in the original layout.
This “transition” implies a new date change, scheduled for October 30, 2016, pending in 2017 to recover the usual date (April).

Popular Barcelona Racing: “Cursa de la Mercè”

10 kms

The Race of the Mercè has stablished itself as the solidarity athletic event. And, since 2009 until now, the athletic event has supported non-governmental entities recognized as Unicef, Unesco or Movement for Peace, with the aim of being much more than a race.
At the same time, in recent years, the Barcelona social organizations have also enjoyed the donations made by participants enrollment solidarity. Since 2012, the Race of the Mercè has worked with about twenty associations of the city.
In the last edition 2015, enrollment of the race has kept the cost of 5 euros as solidarity contribution.

Popular Barcelona Racing: “Cursa dels Nassos”

10 Km

Similar to other popular races on the last day of the year, the “San Silvestre Barcelona”. Symbolically, the date for its first edition was chosen as last day of the millennium, December 31, 1999. In this first edition 1,710 athletes participated.
In 2005, the name Cursa dels Nassos-San Silvestre de Barcelona was adopted, ​​referring to the popular character of the Catalan tradition makes its appearance on the last day of the year.
Barcelona City Council has continued to organize the San Silvestre race in the streets of the Catalan capital with the name “Cursa dels Nassos”, with a progressive growth of participants in recent editions. With 10,000 runners in 2015, it is the 2nd busiest race of San Silvestre in Spain after the “vallecana” edition, in Madrid.

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