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Relocation Services in Barcelona

At BeingBarcelona we understand that each customer is different. In a global world, demands cannot always be the same. Therefore, we have created different packs adapted to the most commonly requested requirements. Within the Relocation services we have the following packs:

relocation services

Welcome relocation services

Basic pack for setting up. It includes the search for a house, review of the rental contract and utility supplies and telephone connections. Registration on the census and processing of the Foreigners’ Identification Number (NIF).

  • Orientation tour
  • Search for a house (price in terms of the days/No. of visits)
  • Review of the rental contract
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Connection of utility supplies: water, electricity, gas…
  • Registration of Foreigners Identification Number (NIE)
  • Registration on the municipal census
  • Processing of household insurance
  • Connection of internet broadband and mobile telephone services
  • Rental of furnishings (optional)
  • Assistance and monitoring without any expense for any possible repairs that might arise (for first 3 months)
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relocation services

Legal service

BeingBarcelona offers legal services in several languages through its outstanding team of legal professionals. Our lawyers stand out not only for having a general knowledge of the law but also for being specialized in various matters and possessing vast experience in the legal field.

  • Real estate:

    -Buying and selling of real estate:
    ·Coordination with real estate agent regarding the location of property subject to lease for the signature of the reservation document and document for deposits and/or down payment.
    ·Coordination with Notary for the signing of public deed of sale.

    -Rent of apartments, premises, etc:
    ·Coordination with real estate agent regarding the signing of a lease.
    ·Coordination process of lease sureties.

    -Procedures and formalities for real estate transactions and apartment leases. All necessary documents included:
    ·Obtaining NIE.
    ·Obtaining a certificate of habitability

  • Successions:

    – Testaments:
    ·Testament signature in Spain and coordination, when appropriate, with testaments granted in other countries.

    – Acceptances of inheritances:
    ·Certificate of Death
    ·Certificate of last will
    ·Certificate of registration of life insurance
    ·Coordination of notarial deed of acceptance of inheritance.

  • Creation of companies:

    – Company incorporations:
    ·Obtaining company names.
    ·Articles of association.( Estatutos sociales )
    ·Shareholder agreements.
    ·Coordination of notarial deed of incorporation of company and registration in the Mercantile Registry.

    – Company domiciliation procedures:
    ·Location and contracting of offices for domiciliation of companies.
  • Fiscal:

    Processing, processing and management of tax returns:
    ·Corporation Tax
    ·Municipal goodwill
    ·Tax procedure for incorporation of companies
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relocation services

Administrative relocation services

This pack includes administrative procedures such as registration in the Social Security (INSS), the opening of a bank account, validation of marriage and driving licences, contracting insurance policies, registration of tax identification number, residency and work permits.

  • Residence and work permit
  • Registration in the Social Security
  • Registration at the Tax Office (AEAT -mod. 036)
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Registration of fiscal identification number (NIF)
  • Registration on the municipal census
  • Validation of driving licence
  • Contracting of insurance policies
  • Other administrative procedures
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relocation services

School search service

We provide all the information about the School or College system, accompaniment in the process of choosing the educational centre that best adapts to your needs and concerns and support in the enrollment process.

  • Information about the school or university systems and the different options available.
  • Identification of the school that best meets your requirements and verification of available places.
  • Support at the interview to choose the most suitable nursery school, primary school or university.
  • Assistance in the enrollment. This includes a meeting with the school administration (up to 3 centers).
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relocation services

Couple support service

This includes the search for a job, support at the interviews, translation of CV, market strategy and mediation at the signing of the contract (internship, doctorate, temporary, part-time)…

  • Job search.
  • Support at the interviews.
  • Translation of CV.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Mediation when signing the work contract: internships, doctorates, temporary work contract, part-time work.
  • Assistance when making work decisions, change of professional career path…

We also have completely personalised programmes in language and cultural adaptation.

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relocation services

‘Good bye’ service

Cancellation of the rental contract, refund of the deposit and cancellation of bank guarantees. Also cancellation of utility supplies and insurance policies, bank accounts and subscriptions. Removal from lists at consulate, census and schools and coordination of the move.

  • House rental contract cancelation.
  • Refunding of deposit and cancellation of guarantees.
  • Cancelation of utility supplies, house insurance, current accounts, bank cards and subscriptions.
  • Removal from census, consul and traffic department registers.
  • Removal from school list.
  • Inspection of house and verification of inventory.
  • Coordination of the moving process.
  • Returning of keys to the owner.
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We have an extensive list of services. If you need something not mentioned here, please consult with us.

We adapt our services to all your most personal requirements!


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