Renting an apartment in Barcelona


We all know that looking for an apartment is never an easy mission—even more when you live in a hot real estate market like Barcelona.

First of all, we need to decide in which neighborhood we want ( or can afford ) to live in. Below, you can find a list with the prices per square meters for the different neighborhoods.


Average prices per neighborhoods

Average rent in Barcelona is, next to Madrid and to beautiful San Sebastian, the highest in Spain despite the neighborhood. From an average price of 7,24€/sqm to nearly 18€/sqm, these prices, unfortunately, won’t get any lower.

Ciutat Vella  17,37€/sqm

Barceloneta 17, 30€/sqm

Sarriá-Sant Gervasi 16,01 €/sqm

Poble Nou 15,01€/sqm

Entertainment and bars, the posh area and the beach are among some of the reasons that make prices increase to sky limits. For the lower rent prices, you should check:

Horta-Guinardó (11,3€/sqm)

Nou Barris (11€/sqm)

Sant Andreu (11,47€/sqm)

Besos (12,50€/sqm)

At these prices, we should add the real estate agency fees, which are the following:

10% of the total annual rent

1 month deposit for the reservation but sometimes it can be up to 6 months, depending on the owner.

We must also include the ITP or property transfer tax, at the expense of the tenant. It has to be paid during the first 30 days after the rental contract signature. Different coefficients are applied according to the price of the monthly payment as the duration in years of the contract.

Barcelona Neighborhoods

Barcelona Neighborhoods

Different types of rental contracts

Shared housing: this modality is common among students or workers who live outside their place of origin or divorced couples. The rental contract can be in the name of one person or several people in the house.

Subletting: with the permission of the owner of the house, the tenant can sublet part of the house.

Company rental: VAT exemption provided in case of exclusive use of the habitual residence (without the possibility of business activity), including in the lease contract, the name and number of people who will live and must be expressly forbidden to sublet or assign the property to individuals other than those mentioned. If the landlord is a physical person: for the benefit of the least taxpayer, the TEAC allows to apply in the Personal Income Tax a reduction of 60% of the positive net yield for lease / rental of real estate for housing when the tenant is a legal entity, but always proven that the rent is intended for the habitual residence of an identified natural person (employee of the company / society).

With option to buy: it is one of the options with more output today. Initially a monthly rent is paid but the tenant has the possibility of buying the house and if so, the total amount paid for rent so far will be deducted. This option is often used by the banks that own properties.

Temporary or short term : you can rent a house for a season or for days and usually the tenant has to sign in advance to reserve it. In the case of having a licence for tourist rental, there is no problem, if not, the minimum is during a month.

The contract

When you are going to sign up your rental contract, you should pay a lot of attention to everything that is written on it.

Content and key points :

  1. Contract period. You can use this to negotiate the price.

    Rental Agreement

    Rental Agreement

  2. If anything needs to be repaired on behalf of the landlords, write down on the contract.
  3. Doble check the inventory before you move in.
  4. Get a copy of the tenancy agreement and make sure you fully understand it.
  5. Keep your own signed copy.
  6. Check and note all metre readings on the day you move in.
  7. Determine the costs and expenses that you are liable to pay : such as waste tax, community costs, IBI… ( By law these costs are on the landlord according to 20 of LAU )


Down Payment and Deposit

The down payment is paid for the reservation of the apartment. Always do it with a contract and ask for a legal document. This down payment will be used as the first monthly fee after the rental contract sign.

In order to be able to get the apartment of your dreams as soon as you visit it for the first time, it is very important that you do the homework before. So you can bring all the warranties needed to show your solvency: 2 payrolls and sometimes working contract, bank statement, statement of income, bank warranties.… Think that rent should not be higher than a third of your earnings.

The deposit has to be in the INCASOL, yes or yes, by law. The Real Estate Agent will make you sign this. Do not trust anybody that doesn’t do it.

Never give money before seeing the apartment and always, get the keys at the same time you pay the deposit.

Deposit has to be always returned. In some cases, always under agreement from both sides, you can use it for the last monthly fee.

Unfortunately, some landlords try to use any possible excuse to avoid returning the deposit. To avoid this, it is very useful to do the most exact inventory before moving in, even with pictures and videos to have a probe that you leave the apartment as good as you found it.



You should always be prepared and make a rational assessment of the property when searching for an apartment.

Keep in mind that it will be your home for the upcoming future. Obviously, you will feel an instant emotional reaction to any property you see, but you should balance this with a rational analysis of the potential of the property, including the  area and facilities, property condition both inside and out and the costs that come with living in it.

To help you to succeed on the flat hunting process, this checklist should act as a basic guide to help you keep all your bases covered.

The Outside

  • Conditions of the outside of the property.
  • Security: area, external doors, locks, entry-phone, alarms, etc…
  • In case of common areas such as gardens, swimming pool. Is there personal to take care of the maintenance? The costs are on the tenant or the landlord?
  • Amenities ( Schools, parks, supermarkets,..) and transport links.
  • Potential nuisances ( heavy traffic, trains, etc…)
  • What are the neighbours like?

The Inside

  • Is it in good conditions? Signs of damp, flaking paint, or infestations?
  • Do repairs need to be carried out?
  • Central Heating, air con, proper insulation ( double glazing )
  • Electrical installation (enough points, dodgy wiring, faulty plugs…)
  • Storage capacity
  • In case of appliances, do they work properly?
  • Bathrooms: no leaks, sealants in good conditions, proper working
  • Permission to change decoration
  • Wi-fi / optical fiber connection

General considerations if you say yes

  • If the landlord agrees to make repairs needed to be taken care of, get it in writing in a clause in the contract.
  • Double-check the inventory before you move in
  • Get a copy of the tenancy agreement and make sure you fully understand it
  • Get (and keep) your own signed copy of the tenancy agreement
  • Can you ask previous tenants about their experience of the landlord and the property?
  • Check and note all meter readings on the day you move in

To help you and guide you in this whole Odyssey when you arrive to a new city, you count on the reliable help of a relocation specialist that will advise you on every step of the rental process.

Moving into a new house

Moving into a new house

BeingBarcelona works depending on each client’s requirements. We will offer you detailed information about the best areas to live in Barcelona, depending on your personal and family situation, cultural interests, schools, study centers, hobbies…

We will select and propose the most suitable options to be able to make the process for choosing a house as easy as possible.

We will accompany you on all the visits; we will be your intermediary and help you to communicate with the Real Estate agents and owners of the houses.

We can also sort out temporary accommodation whilst we help you to find the perfect house.

Benefits of contracting a relocation company services.

  • Time saving and we all know that time is money.
  • Less stress : let us do the hard work for you, and you spend the time on what is really important.
  • Have your local right hand ready to guide you around.
  • We help you with the market research, comparing the prices in the different neibourghoods.

We provide as well assistance with all the administrative paperwork to obtain your NIE, Townhall inscription, security social number, fiscal number, …

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