The best beaches in Barcelona

Summer is coming and it is time to think about the beach. There are plenty of stunning beaches within 1 hour drive from Barcelona. All of them, with great chiringuitos and beach clubs. Also, they have public showers. From the urban beaches in Barcelona city to quiet and empty such as Playa de Pals. Just depends on how long you want to travel. The further you go, the less crowded they are. So, plenty of options available either north or south of Barcelona. You can reach all the beaches listed here by public transport.


This area is located on the north of Barcelona, between Montgat and Malgrat de Mar, just below where the Costa Brava starts. Most best beaches on this stretch are wide and sandy. As negative points, you have the noise of both railway and heavy N ll traffic. This separation is kind of annoying but, certainly, makes life easy for day trippers arriving by train.

Sant Pol de Mar

This charming fishing town, just one hour north of Barcelona, is with its white houses, fishing boats and little winding roads a great place to spend the day The main beach, El Morer, with a rocky backdrop gives a sense of intimacy challenging the rest wide open beaches of the Maresme. You can enjoy the snorkeling on the secluded rocky areas located north or south from the main beach with clean clear waters. Also, you have plenty of good restaurants to enjoy a tasty and sandy lunch.


Caldes d’Estrac

Caldes d'Estrac | BeingBarcelona | Best Beaches in Barcelona

Caldes d’Estrac

Worth it to make the journey to Caldes d’Estrac, known as Caldetes for the locals to enjoy two main beaches, both wide enough to accommodate many people without stepping on somebody else’s towel. You can enjoy, as well, some beautiful 19th century modernist architecture in its old buildings and at ‘Passeig dels Anglesos’ when old Barcelona gentry used to spend the summer holidays here. You can indulge yourself at the thermal spa and lots of chiringuitos and restaurants.






Montgat Nord | BeingBarcelona | Best Beaches in Barcelona

Montgat Nord

Just 30 minutes by train from Barcelona, and you will notice that water is already much cleaner when you reach Ocata, with a big, wide and beautifully maintained beach. So, lie here, admiring the views of the W Hotel in the distance and enjoy the quiet peace without the hassle of Barcelona’s city beaches. There’s also a path that runs alongside the railway with water fountains and shady areas. If you want to exercise a bit, walk, run or bike along the seaside.






Pont Petroli | BeingBarcelona | Best Beaches in Barcelona

Pont Petroli

Just bike here or even walk! 15 minutes’ train ride away from Barcelona center you will find Badalona. This smaller city counts with 3 long beaches, that despite being frequented by locals, are less touristy than in Barcelona. Also, you can visit the famous Pont del Petroli (Petroleum Bridge) for a breathtaking view. With plenty of bars, chiringuitos and restaurants among other attractions such as nautical clubs with swimming pools and sailing and windsurfing facilities, Badalona is a great option as well to enjoy the beach.




Located on the south of Barcelona, It is one of few natural parks along with Garraf massif and Collserola Park, next to Barcelona.


Playa del Prat

El Prat Beach | BeingBarcelona | Best Beaches in Barcelona

Chiringuito at El Prat Beach

Recognized as the best urban beach in Barcelona. Hardly any tourists and surprisingly easy to reach by bus, this beach sits along the airport of El Prat. With a nautical club, where you can rent out windsurfing boards, and nice and laid back chiringuitos, the almost 8 kms of beach are surrounded by a bike lane where you can bike or roller blade. As well, you can enjoy the planes landing on the spot right before they hit the ground. And if you enjoy birdwatching, El Prat protected natural space counts with several observatories for this purpose. Don’t miss this fantastic beach this summer.



Filipines – El Remolar

The lack of massive tourism makes this lovely beach a semi paradise hidden next a protected natural park. Eventhough it is a well-known beach by locals, it rarely gets too crowded. with a laid-back and relaxed vibe, this beach and it’s also nudist-friendly. To get there, take the train to Viladecans and at the station get on the VB-4 bus, which will drop you at the beginning of a dirt track. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk to the beach.




Small and charming cove located between Castelldefels and Sitges. It is surrounded by a row of picturesque private beach huts, declared protected heritage. Formerly, it was a fishing beach, but now it is a popular destination for beach lovers from Barcelona. Much quieter and more intimate than Castelldefels or Sitges. The restaurant in front of the beach is a good stop. Sit here, enjoy a cold beer and forget the stress of the city. To top it up, last year the famous hotel Soho House opened his small brother there with a stunning beach club, called Little beach House. You must know that is private and to enjoy this place you need to become a member. Another great opening is coming up: La Cala Morisca, mythical place since the 70’s, with fantastic paellas and their new chiringuito on this little cozy beach.


Gavà Mar

Gava Mar | BeingBarcelona | Best Beaches in Barcelona

Gava Mar

More quiet than Castelldefels, Gava Mar counts as well with a vast and wide beach. The dunes and the pretty, wooded paths and walkways, like the ones in El Prat, gives a natural allure to this beach. With public transport, it is a little bit more complicated to arrive to this beach: train to Castelldefels or bus to Gava Mar. With nice chiringuitos and restaurants such as Kauai with a beach club included, you can have here a relaxed and fun beach day.






Castelldefels beach is always an easy option, just 20 minutes away by train and a short walk from the station. Vibrant and trendy, as lots of young Barcelona residents head there on the weekend. it’s also a popular windsurf and kitesurf destination on the north part of the beach. White fine sand and clear water with plenty of chiringuitos and trendy beachclubs along, makes the perfect beach to spend the day and enjoy a little bit or the “afterbeach” party.



Sitges | BeingBarcelona | Best Beaches in Barcelona


Favorite place for many locals, Sitges has beautiful beaches, nice chiriguitos, lovely sea promenade and the town itself with plenty of good restaurants and top rated commerce. The nearest beaches to town center get very crowded, but if you walk down the promenade, the crowds usually thin out. Also, it is worldwide known as one of the favorite LGTB destiny.

At the end of the promenade, it is Sausalito beach, with a great chiringuito. This beach, with swallow waters is a great family spot.

The nudist-friendly beach in Aiguadolç is another alternative and is walking distance from the station.

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