You should check the costs of living in Spain before jumping into your new life in this country.

We will try to give you a rough idea of how much it cost to live, eat and get around in Spain.

It was in the old days, people used to come and live in Spain because it was cheaper, though unfortunately, those days are gone. Unless you go to live in a little town in the middle of the Castilian dessert, where  the climate isn’t as bad as in northern Europe, it isn’t the most attractive destiny for an expat.

Having a coffee in Spain

Economy has been steadily improving for the last 10 years. The average salary in Spain is €1700 per month, which is much less than average income in most northern European countries. However, if you live as a local, then you might be able to lower your daily living costs.

We have tried to set up some of the everyday costs in order to help you to plan your financial needs according to reality.


We have divided the costs in different sections counting on the basic necessities. On the housing you will see a big difference. Of course going out is very different from some cities to others. Don’t expect to eat for less than 50 €/person in Gastronomy Mecca San Sebastian, while you can eat as much as you want for 20 €/person in Granada.

Here you go!


We have included the average per square meter for purchasing in the capitals. It is obvious that it affects exactly the same way in the cost of the rents.

Barcelona                                                      3185€/sqm

San Sebastián                                               2995€/sqm

Madrid                                                           2490€/sqm

Bilbao                                                             2205€/sqm

Cádiz                                                               1875€/sqm

Palma de Mallorca                                       1770€/sqm

Málaga                                                           1400€/sqm

Almería                                                           1120€/sqm

Murcia                                                              985€/sqm

Castellón                                                          835€/sqm




Baguette                                                        0.80€

Milk (1l)                                                         0.80€

Butter (250 gr)                                               1.15€

Sugar (1Kg pack)                                           1.85€

Coffee (250 gr)                                              2.50€

Coca Cola (1.5 l)                                            1.00€

Cornflakes (500 gr)                                       1.15€


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1l)                           3.95€

Lettuce                                                           0.85€

Red Peppers                                                  1.50€/kg

Potatoes                                                          1.15€/kg

Bananas                                                         1.20€/kg

Tomatoes                                                       1.30€/kg

Oranges                                                         0.95€/kg

Pasta                                                              0.75€/kg

Rice                                                                1.95€/kg

Eggs / Dozen                                                1.20€

Chicken (1/2 kg)                                          3.50€

Salmon                                                        12.80€/kg

Water ( 1.5 l)                                                 0.35€

Wine (75 cl)                                                   4.75€

Beer (33 cl can)                                            0.60€ (local)

Vodka (75 cl bottle )                                         15€



Coffee                                                             1.20€

Sandwich                                                      3.50€

Complete Breakfast

(coffee +juice +toast)                      From 3.50€

Soft drink                                       1.20 € – 1.40€

Beer                                                      From 1.75€

Cocktail                                                                  8€

Lunch menu (Menu del día)               From 10€

Meal for 2 (no wine)                                          50€ ( medium range )



Cinema                                                            7€

TV package                                                    15-85€ /month

Gym membership                                         from 30€ /month

Music Concert                                               from 70€


UTILITY BILLS (Based on an apartment of  100 SQM)

Water                                                               50€ (depending on the use)

Electricity                                                        70€ – 100€ *

Phone and Internet                                       50€ with 2 mobile lines, 1 fix and internet

Gas                                                                    15€ gas bottle.**

*Normally this is average per month whereas if the apartment has air condition it goes up during warm months and lower in colder months.

**If the house has gas from the street, monthly cost range an average of 75€ monthly.



Keep in mind that in Spain there is no child benefits and Scholarships are really low as well. There are some tax reductions but they are so insignificant that doesn’t really matter to keep them in the budget (around 100€/child).

Public School is free except from the cost of the books (around 200€/year).

Public kindergarden is 180€/month.

Private international schools can go from 4000€ to 14000€ per year.

Private kindergarden is around 400€/month.



This will depend on the specific area or province you’re living in. It can vary a lot from one city to another. Our suggestion: check it out on the different «candidates» cities so you can compare the global costs.

Also depends on the size of the house for house insurance, neighborhood, etc. But normally varies from 100€ to 250€ per month.



Gasoline                                1.20€/l

Diesel                                     1.10€/l

AVE BCN-Madrid                150€ both ways

Local train                                10€/100 km distance

Obviously these prices are very general. The costs of living in Spain depend a lot on the city, the area and the neighborhood of the city you move to.

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